A Design Internship Report Takeaway 
(20 Days Internship At Leidinn Group)

Wake Up!
Let me till you a little bit about Leidinn Group over a coffee~
What I expect to get from these 20 days: 

As a young Taiwanese graphic designer, people often see me more as an artist, because I always wanted to create design visually attractively, and without considering the concept behind it. From this, I imagine the internship can help to commercialize my creative artworks into more mature design where it can be used in the real industry rather than just producing. I wish to transform the outcome into a form of communication, a bridge to connect a particular message. I also seek for an internship where I can force myself to speak English and to find out what is my weaknesses and strengths and how to improve them. I have no idea what I will get into, but wish to work in a small to mid-size local graphic design agency or a business that has graphic design experience in order get more opportunities to work closely with the experienced designers and gets advice from them. I also want to learn the marketing side from the company and to know how a business actually works.

The hunt for my internship is a mixture of feeling curiosity excitement, and worry. I am not sure what I am capable of until I get the opportunities to interview at a few places and know what it is really about. The interviews at Kontented and Nexty made me very exciting, but I did not get the position because of the popularity.  However, I do get opportunities at Bondi Advertisement, and Lectory. At the end, I decided to work with Lectory because it comes earlier than the other and I did not want to lose it.

What I actually get from these 20 days:

I realize that what I dreamt of may not end up being what I had expected. I did not end up with the internship where I approach them, but instead, the opportunity approached me. I was very excited when Lectory asked me to have an interview with them, I love furniture plus I have a passion for interior design. I was introduced to Leidinn group at my first-day of the internship. Leidinn is the head company that holds three different online shops included Lectory, Hydro Experts, and MeisterHQ. My job was to do graphic design and art production for office and warehouse, and all three different brand's websites and eBay stores.

In Leidinn, I have the flexibility to create things in the way I wanted. However, considering the existing brand style and having a good conversation with the web programmer are extremely important. Before the internship, I had little web experience, and I was nowhere near a proficient level, also I had never work with any web programmer. I thought it was the developer job to achieve whatever the designer designed. I was lucky to sit closely with the programmer and learn basic HTML.

One of the most important things that I learned from Leidinn is communication and time management. Working for three different online shops at the same time can sometimes be very messy and confused. Communication with marketing and marketing staffs to ensure design meet business requirements and targets is essential. A good time management will help to have a clear mind and do things faster and bring more effort into work.

Overall, my placement at Leidinn has encouraged me to work collaboratively with people from different disciplines and be more open minded to the design industry.
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